29 Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answers

Here are some of the common roles of front-end developers. A list of helpful front-end related questions you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore. Browser compatibility can be a pain to troubleshoot, so this question can give you a real insight into a candidate’s patience. Explain the difference between internal and external Javascript? Apart from the above mentioned technical skills also should have knowledge of cross browser testing, OOPS, CMS or any Framework and basic knowledge about SEO and tools.

  • Take the initiative and show the recruiters your own projects, ask them your own questions about the company and your role too.
  • Provide an example of a specific challenge you might face and how you would fix it.
  • No var keyword − There is no need to use the var keyword to create a variable in CoffeeScript, thus we can avoid accidental or unwanted scope deceleration.
  • An interesting question that may be difficult for inexperienced front-end developers to answer.
  • Lazy loading is a design pattern and optimization technique used in computer programming to delay the initialization of an object until a required period.

HR managers have a limited amount of time to evaluate the technical knowledge and practical experience of a candidate. Gaining these skills requires front-end development training. Besides understanding https://remotemode.net/ the task at hand, crafting compelling front-end developer interview questions requires you to be tactful and analytical. You should tailor questions to display a developer’s soft and technical skills.

What Resources Do You Use To Learn About The Latest In Front End Development And Design?

There is less of a difference and more of an overlap between the two. When a browser needs to change the width or height of an element, it needs to calculate if any other entities are affected. This has the potential to create a cascading effect that can be expensive. Styles such as box-shadow and border-radius are costly to calculate. By reducing their use, we can improve our site’s scrolling performance. Wrap and debounce JavaScript animations and input handlers in requestAnimationFrame(). This tells the browser that we wish to perform an animation and requests that the browser calls a function to update an animation before the next repaint.

This is a very common frontend interview question and the code is as follows. Local Storage – This data is stored on the client’s computer. This data has no expiration, however, it is limited only to string data. Local data can be accessed using Javascript and HTML but cannot be transferred to the server end.

Explain The Difference Between Inline, Inline

What is the difference between a unit test and a functional test? In an event, bubbling handlers are called when one element is nested into a second element, and both the elements have a listener for the same event. Nowadays all modern browsers have event bubbling by default. One example is the initialization of business objects with values ​​that match the default values ​​in the database. Classical languages ​​rarely use the Prototype pattern, but JavaScript being a prototypal language uses this pattern in the construction of new objects and their prototypes.

  • Thats what you are, a web development, a plain simple web developer.
  • They’ll be looking for competency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, user interface skills, and possibly other programming languages and libraries included in their tech stack.
  • We can get better performance with separated out css files because then the browser can cache the presentation details between pages of our website.

While one is ideal, many developers prefer two; one for the front end and one for the site’s administrative side. Even so, you should be able to describe how you integrate several style sheets, assuming that this is the current practice the organization you are interviewing with uses. Operational questions help the interviewer understand the techniques and processes you use to accomplish your work.

Latest Trends In Front End Development

That completes the list of the best front end interview questions. In the interview, you might also face programming questions related to JavaScript. For example, the interviewer might ask you to write a specific script or function based on a problem. Senior ios developer interview questions how to become a front end developer depend on the person interviewing you and the organization you are applying for. However, here are some general questions that you are likely to encounter regardless of the organization or your interviewer. That’s it, hope you will find these front end engineer interview questions helpful.

  • After reviewing data structures and algorithms, test your knowledge with Leetcode and these technical Javascript questions.
  • While conducting interviews can help you hire skilled talent, you must ask the right questions to get the best candidate for your needs.
  • It’s light on resources but the code can be a bit verbose.
  • These are the questions the interviewer will ask to determine if you have the programming skills to hit the ground running.
  • Get a hands-on introduction to web development and build your first website from scratch with our free, self-paced Web Development Short Course.
  • When interviewing for a front-end developer’s role, most of the questions you will be asked will be technical.

Front-end developers leverage and interact with RESTful services and APIs. Representative State Transfer is a lightweight structure that facilitates network communications, and RESTful services and APIs follow that structure. If they mention that they’re always looking up answers to simple problems, they might struggle with more complex challenges. Talk me through your process for fixing cross-browser compatibility issues. Provide an example of a specific challenge you might face and how you would fix it. Look for signs that the candidate took charge and motivated the rest of the team. Candidates should be able to clearly and concisely describe what the CSS float property is and when it’s appropriate to use.


You will see all security, javascript and css related issues. You can also use W3C validator for HTML and CSS related issues. Article and section are both Semantic elements in HTML5. Web accessibility means a web for differently abled or disabled people. HTML5 introduced, role attribute and WAI-ARIA so that even disable people can interact, understand and navigate a website properly.

front end developer interview questions

Having the right skills is essential, but those won’t come over night. Like any industry, experience and ability will be your foundation. If you are doing lots of front-end development you are on the right track.

How Do I Prepare For A Front End Developer Interview?

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Front end Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies. In this section i will go through some mid to highlevel javascript interview qustions for a solid foundation… There are hundreds of battle-proven software development experts in our Talent Network. One of the main goals of such standards is to provide cross-platform compatibility and more compact file sizes.

front end developer interview questions

Minimizing redirects and HTTP requests, as well as removing unnecessary widgets are some other methods that you can mention. Without any prep, this is a question that could floor you and lead you into a sticky situation. Try to avoid playing the blame game—honesty is the best policy here.

If you want to go a little deeper, it’s worth reading about Big-O notation and understanding some common notations like constant time and logarithmic time. This article on Digital Ocean is a great place to start. Jquery recommends use of $.ready(function()) or $(function()) in script tag to write jquery syntax.

  • Its value is determined by what the function you are inside of is called.
  • Another added benefit is that animations in inactive browser tabs will pause, freeing up needed resources.
  • It also has many features that help developers maximize software development time.
  • The page provided by the server when someone requests it is unaltered.

End-to-end tests are intended to test the website itself, not the code. They simulate clicks and scrolls and make sure the site behaves accordingly. Front end interviews usually aren’t as heavy on the data structures and algorithms as general software engineering interviews. Even so, it’s still important to know how to accomplish a few everyday tasks. Web Accessibility means making sure the web is usable by people with a wide range of disabilities. It includes making sure keyboard-only users can navigate your site while also making certain people who have difficulties hearing or seeing can use it as well. Its value is determined by what the function you are inside of is called.

How Do You Ensure That Your Website Design Or Web Application Is Accessible And User

He prides himself on a proven record of building full solutions with tangible results. It’s easy to list a bunch of different products and services that UX designers might use; it’s much harder to explain why they chose to adopt such a tool. What we want to hear from the candidate is an understanding of the tools available and clear reasoning for choosing them. Or to put it another way, knowing is not understanding.

Knowing the right questions is crucial for anyone that wants to ace a front-end developer job interview. CSS Preprocessors facilitate adding variables and functions increasing code reusability which makes development easier. The most commonly used load balancing technique is called Round Robin. In this method, the requests are distributed across a group of servers. The algorithm allocates requests to the servers, once completed, it goes back to the top and the process is repeated. I always recommend people study but be sure to study at a healthy pace.