How to Choose a Totally Free VPN For Android

A free VPN can be a fantastic method to add additional security and privacy to your Android phone or tablet. A free virtual private network is a great way to enhance security and privacy when using public Wi-Fi or to bypass geo-restrictions for streaming services you love. Keep in mind that free VPNs typically come with a limited number of features, slow speeds, and limited data. They don’t usually offer the same features that premium VPNs do, such as numerous VPN protocols and servers.

On the Play Store you will find hundreds of free VPN apps. However most of them are only proxies which do not encrypt DNS requests or traffic to the internet. Even worse is that some of these VPNs are able to track your web browsing activities and sell it to third-party vendors. It is recommended to only use an open VPN that is reliable and secure for your Android device.

Choose the VPN which is free and comes with an app that is easy to use. It should also offer important security features, for instance, a VPN kill switch that blocks your IP address from being exposed if the connection is lost. You might also consider a service that provides split tunneling, which permits you to choose which apps are rerouted through the VPN and which ones run outside of it.

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