The 2 can be found in a loyal relationship for several years today

The 2 can be found in a loyal relationship for several years today

Nate ’s the Wonderland’s frontman and you may a natural chief. He’s a way of bringing out the best when it comes to those as much as him. His passion try contagious, specially when these are tunes.

Regardless of if he looks thus confident, Nate’s bluish skies persona face masks the usual teenage insecurities. He feels the weight off obligation on the band thriving and you can concerns for his or her own ability, his show with his lyrics.


Oakley ’s the band’s joker. Their findings commonly constantly just what you’ll expect, making the someone else question in the event the they are kidding or actually is since stupid as he is seen. Simple and you may naive, no-one ever before requires Oakley definitely, not himself.

Oakley loves in the brand new limelight. He or she is the newest person in The newest Wonderland who can often be relied onto obtain the group become and feature off, whether or not it’s just not appropriate.


Harry is Oakley’s more mature sis and designs himself as the utmost practical, mental and you will adult person in the ring. He’s short to help you despair during the someone else (commonly their sister!)

Harry are the latest sound out of warning. In which Oakley will hurry for the in place of thinking, Nathaniel was ripped between what the guy desires and you can just what the guy anxieties, it’s Harry who tends to experience upcoming doom.

Harry has a firm feeling of name and hardly seems brand new need certainly to confirm themselves to anyone. Though he isn’t rather than his insecurities, including to women.


Chloe is actually a classmate from Nathaniel’s. She will get crucial to the newest ring when she places the woman vlogging enjoy to make use of and will get The Wonderland’s social network manager.

Chloe is actually opinionated and you may flaming. She does not hold back off voicing the woman thoughts and you will cannot skirt right up issue. At the same time, Chloe are a really solid person, just who seems aside for her family unit members. She is driven, computed and really thinks in the ring – and particularly Nathaniel.

Whenever you are Chloe is good during the advising anybody else, the woman is not very high with respect to by herself. The lady blossoming ideas to possess Nathaniel are entirely not used to the woman. and you may completely frightening.


Sasha try challenging, inspired, high pressure and you may untrustworthy. She is fire one minute and you will frost the next, dependent on exactly who she’s speaking with and you may what she wants aside of these. She wears many masks, however it is an identical cold cardiovascular system the underside them.

Sasha had supported New Wonderland regarding Television talent tell you The fresh new Limelight, and noticed humiliated after they did not profit. The woman payback was to indication the new champions, Female Here Earliest, and come up with a survival of them no matter what Japanese dating advice she’s got to get girls as a consequence of.

Rap artist Nathan Feuerstein, famously known as NF , relishes a happy marital existence. Identical to themselves, NF’s wife is additionally finished in her own community.

Let’s know whenever NF tied the new knot and you may in which they had hitched. And you will why don’t we and find out if they have kids off their matchmaking.

Is NF Married?

Yes, brand new struck Western rap artist NF is in a pleasurable conjugal dating for some years. The guy married their spouse-turned-fiancee, Bridgette Feuerstein (nee Doremus).

They walked down the aisle regarding visibility of the family unit members and you will family members to the . The couple decided to state ‘I do’s’ shortly after relationship for 5-ages. It basic fulfilled back to within an event.

Additionally, the stunning nuptials took place from inside the an exotic place. It would not be an understatement to say this try kinda such as for instance an appeal matrimony.

Just by the region, they appeared similar to rural The united states in which you do not pay attention to all of the the fresh bustle as we familiar with regarding the town. Actually, relationships such places, in lieu of particular hallway from inside the La is actually good.